Nik Fia, 23 years old, Switzerland

MEET NIK. I met him during my stay in Bangkok, Thailand. He was beside our bed with a divider between us. We said hey to each other one time and asked where I come from. I said from the Philippines. He said I don’t look or sound from the Philippines.

One night after our trip to Khao San Road, I saw him smoking and joined him. I asked where he’s headed next and how many days he’ll be staying. Turns out he’s a solo traveler who’s traveling South East Asia. He’s going to Vietnam as far as my memory could remember. He asked where we’re going next. I said we’re looking for a sky bar. He suggested that we go to the nearest sky bar where the Hangover was shot. I was like “Wtf? Really it’s near here?” It was also the sky bar our other friend from Portugal  was suggesting. He showed us the direction and luckily didn’t get lost in the way.

During our conversation, I said I have a blog which is this. He said “Wow! Interesting! Tell me about it” I explained to him what this is about and told me to email him the link. I got his email.

During our email conversation, he asked where’s the link to my site. So, I gave it to him, wondering why would someone be interested to my blog. He din’t particularly said anything about my blog at that time, which I understand since I only had one article back then.

I asked him if he’s interested going to Malaysia in 3 months since I booked a ticket already and still looking for someone who would want to come. He said, he’s going to the military by that time.


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