Fazleh Hudaa | 24 | London, UK

My friend and I met him during our 48 hour stay in Singapore last October 2017. While watching the Garden Rhapsody, he approached us how he can go down to watch the show with a better view. I said “That’s what we’re trying to figure out too!”

We tried but to no avail. We’re still happy about finishing the show but it would have been so much better watching it while laying down on the grass.

We asked him where he’s heading to after the show, he said to Marina Bay Sands Light and Water show then to Ce La Vi. I said “We’re also going to that Sky Bar. Why don’t you join us? And we’ll also join you watch the show at Marina.” The next show starts at 22:00.

During our conversation while walking, we asked where he’s from. He’s a solo traveler from London and doing a tour in South East Asia. He graduated with a degree in Mathematics and currently has one month vacation from his company. Guess what? He’s also going to Malaysia after Singapore via bus. I said “We’re also going but via plane!”

When we got to the place, the show never occurred. 22:00 show is only every Fridays and Saturdays according to the person we asked.

We then went to Ce La Vi and had so much. We didn’t get booze, we just enjoyed the stunning views for free!

We bid goodbyes. To keep in touch, he gave me his Snapchat account. I sent him photos from our Malaysia trip wondering where he might be. He didn’t reply. Maybe he’s just busy or don’t have wifi connection or maybe the username he gave me was wrong. I don’t know. He didn’t accept my request yet.


Three months later, I woke up before my alarm went off. I got a message from my Snapchat which was weird because I don’t usually use it. I literally got up because what I just saw and read made my jaw dropped. Finally after 3 months of waiting for his reply, he finally accepted my request!

But wait, here’s what’s funnier and mind blowing. So he got a new job. The HR told him that they found something in the internet. They found this article about our trip in Singapore. And that’s it he remembered me and found his way to his Snapchat account to check his requests.

He said I introduced myself as Paul to him. I forgot to tell him my Snapchat account has “John” in it. This is the reason why he didn’t accept me at that time we met because he don’t remember meeting someone named John.

This is exactly what I have been wishing for about the internet— connecting people again. It’s such a good feeling to be reunited again with the people I met on the road. The best feeling!

Til next time! See you in London!



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