Joen | 29| & Amalie | 26 | Denmark

I met them during my 48 hour stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At Batu Caves, where I was taking photos, I noticed this couple who was filming inside the cave. I told my friend “Do you think they’re vloggers?” He said, “I think so.”

To prove our theory is correct, I approached them without hesitation. I asked if they have a youtube channel since I noticed them holding a microphone and a camera. They said “Yes.” They have a vlog: stayclassydk. I asked how many subs they have at that time, they said 500++. They just started 4 months ago and they almost have 800 subs! They gave me their business card and I asked for a photo with them because it’s not often I get to meet vloggers in real life.

• JOEN’S IG: stayclassydk

• AMALIE’S IG: amaliejamil

• Website:

• Youtube: Stay Classy Vlog

I looked them up in Instagram and Youtube where I found out they sold most of their belongings including their apartment to permanently travel. That’s why they decided to go all-in on this travel vlog as they love documenting their experiences.

Their travel vlog is mostly focused on combining the good life with a bit of humor. The nice thing about them is they don’t try to be experts and know-it-all when it comes to the places they visited. In fact, they’re mostly clueless as to the story of the places they go. Trust me, I love how funny their vids can get and the quality of uploads they make is stunning!

We bid farewell. We’ll keep in touch thru their channel and hope we see each other again on the road.



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