Christian Leblanc | 24 | Canada

Years ago, I bumped into his videos on youtube about the Philippines. I was fascinated by his works to the point where I found out that this guy quit his corporate job to pursue his passion on traveling. I sometimes watch his I QUIT video to remind on why I’m doing this. If I remember, he’s the first one that inspired me to never stop chasing dreams.

I’m so glad he made it! He’s one of the most successful vloggers out there who started from the bottom and has to go through rough times. His videos mainly focuses on discovering hidden gems. He basically unravels the beauty of each country.


On my return flight to the Philippines, I bumped into his IG stories. He’s staying here for a month. I went to where he was staying but the reception said he already left to catch a flight to Cebu. But that didn’t stop me from meeting him.

On his return to Manila, he said he’s hosting a meet and greet near my place. When I got to the place, I was looking for any signs of crowded people. There was none. It was raining that time. Maybe it was canceled?  I literally pace back and forth. I was on my way back. I was losing hope. To my surprise, I heard someone shouted his name.


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