Welcome to my humbling experience in Mui Ne’s Fishing Village!

An off beaten path where I’ve posted a lot of the sand dunes but the morning fishing market is also an inspiring to talk about. Although, I have done my research before coming here, my excitement is quite visible as I amusingly took photos of locals doing their thing. After my trip, I did more research on how lives run here everyday.

This fishing village is located on the coast in South Central Vietnam where tourists and locals alike flock here for respite from the buzzing madness of HCMC. The fishing village is a remarkable hive of traditional activity.

Every evening, the fishermen starts to prepare their boats after dinner for a rough night of fishing. When they leave, their family stays at home waiting for them at dawn for their comeback. They are essentially submitting themselves to the sea because their small boats are not equipped to handle bad weather.

They sit patiently upon the waves in their boats, waiting for their nets to feel heavy with a fresh catch. At sunrise, if fortunate, they return with seafood and the fishwives take over to sort and clean their catch. I witnessed a surge of activity that morning as I relentlessly observed them. The locals are already accustomed to travelers that they appear oblivious to us wandering around snapping photos.

They sell their catch afterwards to restaurant owners and street vendors. A watcher from a far would find it hard to understand what’s happening but it reveals when I closely looked at it– the story of modest fishermen that makes this place exceptional.

A sudden peace comes on this shore once people starts to leave. The boats are once again left on the water for the rest of the day until evening comes again and the fishermen starts to prepare for another long night.

Whenever I photograph them, I feel like I’m not intruding their privacy in any way as the hats always cover their identity, yet the pictures tell the strength of character and resilience of these hardworking people– the industrious and courageous, the face of timeless Vietnam.

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