We arrived at Busunga Airport late afternoon due to a delayed flight. We took a 30- minute van ride for P150 going to Coron Town proper. Unfortunately, we opted to stay in a place where we didn’t like. We didn’t have a choice. Every hotel we were looking for was fully booked. I’m not much of a hotel guy because I like to stay at hostels. But since my new friend from instagram offered to pay everything, I was in no right to complain.

On our first night, we booked our Fireflies and Plankton Tour for P900 at our hotel. This tour can be booked at any accommodation from where you’re staying. It was one of the things I didn’t mean to tick off my list earlier than expected.

So we took off on a boat at 8pm after we had dinner at the floating restaurant which was part of the package tour. I couldn’t help myself but to touch the water already! Minutes later, I could see schools of fish glowing greenish-blue on the water. I put my hand in the water and that made it glow as well. We put all our hands together on the water and everything around us was glowing!

(c) Luis Esteves
(c) Luis Esteves

To top if all, the sky was full of stars. Thousands of fireflies we were watching lighted the mangroves when we clapped our hands. Ahh! It was truly a magical night! I just wish I had the right camera to capture this whole beauty.

Plankton Bioluminescence Tour with my Danish friends

After doing the TOUR A ISLAND HOPPING the next day, I hiked up Mt. Tapyas for sunset. I wasn’t really expecting much from this activity because it’s not hype on social media. But let me tell you this, it so glorious from up here!

Mt. Tapyas Sunset

The hike was about 30-40 minutes depending on your stamina and endurance. It was five in the afternoon when I started climbing the stairs of more 700 steps. I counted just to keep my mind off from my dwindling energy.

Mt. Tapyas Sunset
Mt. Tapyas Sunset

Each breath I took was more desperate and each step more determined. When I reached the summit, I finished the last drops of water in my bottle, stood still, closed my eyes, opened it again, and all troubles were blown away!

Why do we keep chasing sunsets? Because it’s just so damn beautiful!

Mt. Tapyas Sunset

After doing the TOUR C ISLAND HOPPING, I immediately went to Maquinit Hotsprings for P200. It’s one of the few salt water hotsprings in the world. The first dip was unbearable but after awhile, the heat had become warm to the feeling that I allowed it envelop my body.

Maquinit Hot Springs, Coron Palawan

if you’re planning to go to Coron, these activities will surely take your breath away, 100%!

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