Enas Alnajjar | 24 | USA

We both met each other on a group tour in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) last February 2018. We were six in the group. Enas and I happen to be the single ones during the tour. We were seated next to each other because as you know our group mates who are two couples from Amsterdam and Sweden were seated next to each other.

While on a local shop, I asked the normal travel questions- where are you from, where are you going next, how old are you, etc. I was really surprised to know that she was bound to the Philippines next and will be staying in Manila for about a week. We both agreed to meet up later in Manila in a local restaurant called Manam in Bonifacio Global City.

Enas works with a printing firm as an Auditor that enables her to travel the world. She’s originally from Jordan but moved to the US when she was a kid. She has been to 30 countries as part of her work and vacation. She’s a Muslim and a finance graduate like me. This was really a surprise for me. Like how in the world can two people meet together unexpectedly only to find out you both have similarities in life.

This is what traveling means really is for me. Turning strangers into friends! Making connections to the world that I hope one day I see again on the road. Hmm, maybe not on the road, but to their home countries being my host.


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