Yusuf Bayraktar | 36 | Turkey

It was during dinner that I met this guy at our hostel in El Nido. There was a buffet dinner at the hostel. My friend and I were looking for a table to dine in. It just so happened that he was eating alone that we joined him with his permission and made a conversation. I asked the travel questions as usual to spice up. He’s surprised to hear that I have many Turkish friends back in college. I’d never thought of him as Turkish because he’s clean shaven and bald.

He’s on a 2-week vacation from his job back in Turkey and works as Chemical Engineer. He just came from Cebu where he had a bad motorbike accident in Bohol on his first day in the Philippines! What a way to start his trip! He couldn’t walk much as the wounds hurt his legs for the most part.

My friend already left El Nido the next day. So it was just me and Yusuf left. We had dinner at a pizza parlour and had ice cream on the way back. We had so many pizza left that we decided to give it to other backpackers at the hostel.

The next morning was the day we parted ways. He’s going back to Turkey and I’m headed back to Puerto Princesa.

It was just less than a minute that I know we’re going to be great friends. In that small amount of time we have connected as though we’ve known each other for a long time. We’re already planning a trip somewhere in the caucasian region!


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