It was Saturday afternoon of August 11, 2018 when I received a tag from a friend on Facebook. The post was from Daily Nas which was posted yesterday. He said he has less than 5 hours layover in the Philippines. I was hesitant at first to come because it was raining so hard and have no budget to come.

19:00. I was starting to get worried. I couldn’t book a cab from my dorm due to high demand. At the back of mind, I couldn’t make it! I was hopeless. But I know myself better than anyone else. Ain’t a quitter! So I went fast pace walking to the nearest landmark and didn’t bother getting wet. After maybe 30 minutes of trying, I’ve finally found a driver!

I don’t remember when was the first time I saw one of Daily Nas’s videos. But the one video who struck me the most was about “Should you quit”? It has gone viral reaching almost 12M views to date! It resonates so much to me because as someone who’s pursuing content creation, it eases the hardships, and struggles I go through. When I think of quitting, I always have to remember why I started in the first place.

Let’s try to get to know Nuseir a bit more. He’s an Israeli-Palestianian Harvard graduate. He applied to Harvard to major in Aerospace Engineering but graduated with a degree in Economics. That’s when he moved to New York and began coding for a tech company that pays him more than $100,000 a year. Eventually, he got tired of the routine and has saved up about $60,000 before he quit his job.

With his flight delayed, we only had less than an hour to shoot “The Best Layover in the World”. How was it like being in the video? It was amazing! It was all just fun and laughters. He even gave us a chance to ask questions. One fan asked about what happens after 1,000 days of travelling and he answered “writing a book”.

Alyne, his girlfriend was with him also. She’s very lovely in person and very natural. They ate at Jollibee first before they left for Papua New Guinea.

This was again on one normal Saturday that turned into an amazing night!


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