After Kawah Putih we went farther south to check the amazing tea plantations they have. This southern part of Bandung is called Ciwidey. The tea plantation was indeed picturesque whilst we drive along a bumpy road. It was very serene and lively to look as it was my first time to see so much greenery in my life! I will let the pictures below do the talking.

As far as the eyes could see, everywhere is tea trees. The tea are planted in rows, and there is a pathway between the row for tourists to walk in and out.

My driver was very accommodating when I told him to stop and stand by so I can take a lot of photos.

If you want to visit Bandung on you own, you can do so with hiring a driver. However, here are my recommended tours below. They will pick you up from your accommodation.

Bandung City Tour
Kawah Putih
Volcano Tour

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