I finally had the time to share this. Writing at this very moment in a hallway with my desk table, to which I only borrowed from a person in the other room.

I arrived at my hostel in Ubud at 6PM on July 23, 2018 from my recent hike to Mt. Ijen. I asked some travellers if they could join me chasing waterfalls the next day because I rented a car with a driver beforehand. One girl agreed to join me. She’s from Chile. It went amazing the whole trip and end up seeing 6 waterfalls.


After getting back at the hostel, I got a messaged from my German friends whom I met the other day and decided to join me tomorrow to chase waterfalls again. I was excited.

I woke up before dawn. I went to the bathroom to pee and went back to my bed fast pace walking because it was still dark. I’m that someone who runs in the dark. So I checked my belongings as a routine. Ok, my passport under my pillow is still there. My phone is still with me. Except for my backpack which was beside my bed and the door. I stood immediately from my bed again and rushed outside. There I found my bag outside my door. So I brought it up again in my room and didn’t bother checking if I lost something. I went back to sleep excited to meet my friends whom I met in the ferry going to Bali and whom I shared I ride with.

So when I woke up again, already prepared and my driver waiting outside, I checked if there’s anything I forgot in my bag as usual. Everything was there except my wallet. Then it hits me. A burglar stole my wallet! It was a gut I felt already before I slept. I knew it would happen. I was already in the middle of my Indonesian Trip. I started from the west side of Java and would end at the City of Gods- Bali.

There’s a cat at the hostel where I was staying. Right before I slept, I was thinking maybe this cat would bring my bag outside. But when I checked my bag, it was still organised, only the wallet was missing. My wallet which has my credit and debit cards and my IDs. At that time, I was thinking, what a bad way to start my Bali trip. The whole trip bothered me because I forgot my canon battery. So the whole day, I was just using my phone to take photos. But it didn’t let me stop being from being creative.

So my inner Sherlock took care of the investigation. I gathered my thoughts. I don’t feel bad about it considering I outsmarted the odds. I remember when I woke up at dawn earlier, the door was open. It couldn’t possibly be my roommates who did it because I just strongly believe so. But I believe it was a burglar because the door was facing a rice field and it was open when I woke up. I asked the reception for some help and he didn’t know anything, he said. I asked some people and they said two weeks ago, there was someone at night also who went to the girls’ room who got away.

How I survived?

Before I left for this solo trip, there was something bothering whether or not to keep some money on my luggage or not. I decided to put some as you would have guessed by now. I asked help from my Turkish and British friends if they can spare some money. Some travellers from the hostel offered me a ride to get to point a and b. For a day, I just stayed at my hostel and rest.


For the rest of my trip, I hitched hike and asked some travellers to split with my costs to continue my trip. It was indeed an adventure of a lifetime. I don’t expect a perfect trip ever since I started travelling but I expect challenges like this one as part of an amazing experience that I may one day tell my grandchildren.

Lesson learnt that you can take away from this:

  • Trust your guts
  • Be brave enough to face the problems that may surface as a solo traveller
  • It’s always okay to ask for help
  • Know that others are more willing to help than hurt you


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