Afri | 23 | Indonesia

I was looking for locals in Indonesia months ago on Instagram in preparation for my solo trip. What I do usually is “like” photos from certain hashtags and also see geo tag locations. From there, I comment or DM them how was their experience to manage my expectations.

They usually reply from my questions but I was surprised that one local from Jakarta messaged me. I didn’t ask him beforehand. He just messaged me. He said he’s coming over to the Philippines in June 2018. I was surprised by this considering we’d be able to help each other out. He’s shook reading my bio that he thought being a Muslim Solo Traveller is cool. He’s also a Muslim  like me. I told him that the Southern Philippines has a lot of Muslims where some of the words are quite Bahasa. So if you listen carefully with Filipino words, it’s a mix of Spanish and Bahasa. He’s also working as a Financial Analyst which is also related to my current job in Wealth Management.

It was a weekend when we both met up at the airport. It was raining that time. He was coming from BGC before his return flight departure. He thought that the traffic in Manila is worse than Jakarta. I knew he’s right.

We just talked for about 15 minutes. We were running out of time. He gave some snacks from Indonesia to my delight and a sim card to which I asked him to in preparation for trip.


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