Shahenaz | 26 | England

I was on my last night in Puerto Princesa, Palawan when I met her from our hostel. We were in the room while I hear her talking with other travellers. Who wouldn’t hear a loud distinctive British accent? So, I joined in the conversation. She recently just came from Cebu and finally in Palawan for her last destination. We talked about our experiences in El Nido and Coron. I suggested a few local destinations but sadly she didn’t have time to visit other destinations.

She had a few days in Manila after Palawan. We both agreed to meet after a couple of weeks. We both had a good dinner and good conversation about life and everything in between. I could just listen to her accent all day whilst she rants and still finds it cute.

She has travelled to 13 countries alone for the last 27 months and Philippines was her last destination for about 3 weeks before she’s heading home to England. She loves palm trees. We both wish palm trees could withstand below freezing temperature. How silly!


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