Okay. I wasn’t really thinking of coming over here before 2018 even started. I just went on with it because I got curious about it when I met someone from Armenia when I was in Vietnam.

To tell you honestly, my goal was to hit 11 countries by the end of 2018. I needed to visit 5 more countries to hit that. I hit that number even so but it didn’t come as hard as I thought it would be. It was a HUSTLE in a good way that I laughed and love about every minute of it! Indeed it was the journey that really matters the most and the destination is  the price I got after every needle I went through.


With the right mindset and plan, life has a way of making things happen for those who dream big enough! The 5 countries I didn’t mean to tick off or even dreamt about happened! I visited China particularly the special administrative part of Hongkong and Macau which was a family trip. Then after a week getting back from China, I got a flu which was almost made me stop to continue my trip to other 4 countries. So for almost a month I was on the road.

The following months after my Indonesian Trip,  I had to plan and execute the things needed to be done. That includes the following:

  • I had to schedule when to buy my plane tickets to match with my credit card cut off date so I don’t have to pay it one statement (HAHAHA)
  • I had to schedule when to apply for visa- this was probably one of the highlights of my journey! I had to apply 4 visas in less than 3 months which I’m going to share all soon! I had to get one from Russia, UAE, Georgia and Armenia. Turkey was supposed to be on my itinerary after Armenia rejected my application. So I added Turkey to back me up which was also a failure because when I was already at the embassy they told me I should have applied 3 months before my departure. Guess what? I applied a month before my intended take off. So I reapplied again to Armenian Visa and appealed with my a reservation ticket!

    Teaser to my epic adventures!
  • I had to check if some couchsurfers are willing to host or join me by putting this event on public which was a huge success!
  • I had to book my hostels and guesthouses to save a few bucks!
  • I had to borrow some winter clothes to save money!
  • I had to learn a few Russian words that might come in handy.
  • More petties “I had to”

Can’t wait to share more of these adventures of my life in the coming months. Stay tuned and thank you for reading! I wish you enjoyed this prelude.



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