After buying my ticket to Dubai from Manila, I started thinking whether or not I should transit in Russia going to Georgia or not. Fly Dubai offers direct flights to Georgia but quite expensive on my part which means not for me. However, Aeroflot offers flights going to Tbilisi with transit in Moscow. It’s not only less expensive but the fact that I was going to Russia in no time gave me chills!


So anyway, now that I have 14 hours in transit in Moscow. I have to apply for a transit visa since I intent to leave the airport. If you do not intend to leave the airport, then you don’t need to apply for a visa. The transit visa is valid for three days from the date of arrival.

Here’s what I submitted when I applied at the embassy:

  1. My Passport
  2. A complete and signed Visa Application Form
  3. One passport sized photo
  4. Onward ticket on which I presented a Reservation Ticket on my return flights
  5. A visa for the country you are travelling to- in this case, I have to present my Georgian Visa which I will soon share how I got it too.
  6. Payment of P5,700.00 for 2 weeks processing (P7,980 for 1 week)

So remember from my previous post, I had to apply four visas within 3 months. To do that, I had to schedule which should comes first. This was in order of what I did but the letters represent which should comes first as my suggestion.

  1. Georgian Visa (a)
  2. Armenian Visa (c)
  3. UAE Visa (d)
  4. Russian Visa (b)
My Caucasus Itinerary

In my personal experience, I should have applied for the Russian Transit Visa earlier because it needs personal appearance and you have to wait for a week or two to get it. I was wrong about my assumption that I’d get it on the day of my application since it was just a transit visa anyway. What truly happened was something I never anticipated. I surrendered my passport to the Russian Embassy, only to realise later that day that I have a flight to Hong Kong in 6 days. It was a complete shock to me!  I seriously think that my attention was somewhere else! When I checked my pick up date, it’s still on my return flight from Hong Kong and then it hits me. How could I be in Hong Kong if they have my passport? HAHA

Moscow, Russia- Teaser to my upcoming photos!

So the next business day, I went immediately back to fix everything. And boy it was the most exciting and exhilarating ever! When I got to the embassy, here’s what the conversation went:

Me: Hi. Good Morning! I need to get my passport back because I have a flight this weekend to Hong Kong.
Immigration officer: Huh? It’s already at the embassy.
Me: What? Isn’t this your embassy?
Immigration officer: We have our main office at Dasmarinas Village. But I’ll text my colleague so you can pick it up.

So after that, I went immediately to that office which was nearing lunch time. When I got to the gate. The guard asked me if I have an appointment. I just said I need to pick up my passport. He then asked if I have a contact person.

I forgot to ask whom is my contact person from the other office. He then said you are in the wrong gate and the shuttle driver that will take you there will be having a lunch already. So come back at 1pm.

I had lunch first before I went back. I got their 1PM. Their office hours is from 10AM-2PM. The shuttle driver arrived 1:45PM. I still had to pay P150 for the ride. I got at the embassy at exactly 2PM where their employees were already leaving the offie. I ran up to their car and knocked on their door. Thank goodness! The lady who assisted me were really kind and gave me back my passport! She asked me what took me so late. I couldn’t explain how the shuttle driver almost ruined this day. But I was still grinning and all happy after I got it back! Boy it was one of the winning moments of my life!

I returned my passport to the embassy after I got back from Hongkong. I told them I could wait for another 1 week to give them time.

Russian Transit Visa

If you plan to a apply for a Russian 30- Day Tourist Visa, here’s what you need to submit:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Passport-size photo
  3. Travel voucher (which you can get from authorised agencies like Real Russia)
  4. Visa Application Form

And yes you read it right! You don’t need to submit or buy flight tickets! The embassy in Manila are only open from Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Their two offices are located:

For Visa Applications:

Embassy of the Russian Federation
Consular Division
Room 402 A, 4/F, RCI Bldg, 105 Rada St., Legazpi Village, Makati City
Open from 10AM-12NN

Main Office for Russian Nationals

Embassy of the Russian Federation
1245 Acacia Road, Dasmariñas Village, Makati City
Open from 9AM-2PM

Thank you for reading and I wish you enjoyed this article. If you did, please share to your family and friends! Cheers!


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