There Are No Strangers


I was born an introvert but every now and then, I crave for human connections in the digital world as I travel. It’s so interesting how people from other parts of this world somehow meet you. It’s a nice feeling hearing their own stories, how they got here the same way you do. Somewhere along the way, I’ve shared pieces of me.

“The sad thing about traveling is you’ll meet amazing people you’ll probably never going to see again.”

The connections I make on the road is sometimes ephemeral and this leaves me lonely. I form deep lasting bonds with people. It hurts to keep meeting people only to part ways. Nevertheless, it’s worth it when I look back and puts a smile on my face.

The people I meet on the road are usually amazing people. I believe that every interaction has its own purpose. Thankfully, I met some of the most creative people on this planet. Then there are the locals I meet. The ones that give me right directions when I get lost. I still think back fondly of the amazing staffs and roommates at the hostels I stayed in that made me truly welcome.

It’s these people who made my trips complete. I learnt more about myself and the universe that surrounds me. There are also times of horror stories and I only had a few. In a society where they tell you “Don’t go there because there are lots of crooks.” It made me even realise that the world isn’t as dangerous as people would like me to believe. It was them that keep my faith in humanity all together. 

The places have a huge character and personality for me to learn and feel and see beyond myself and sometimes that’s enough. Oftentimes, the people make the place. It’s what makes traveling worthwhile.

So to all those people I met on the road, know that you shaped me into the person I am today. No matter how short our talks were, I’m a better person for having met you. You may not remember me but I remember you. I remember when we parted ways when time was just ticking so fast I could almost hear it.

I remember stories and how they made me feel.

So, thank you for being part of my journey to Becoming a Global Citizen.